Passages Malibu— the Best Inpatient Rehab Around the Block

Our facility has been working tirelessly since 2001 to bring a comprehensive collection of natural recovery treatments to heal individuals with substance abuse issues. The staff, at Passages Malibu, is trained to treat the clients under our care with dignity and privacy that assure lasting results. By emphasizing a luxe system of rehabilitation, we offer full-time luxurious amenities and recovery services that are suitable to you. Our specialists promote the recovery of the mind, body, and soul as one entity, rather than focusing on one ailment. We treat you with respect and provide a support system that will help you move on towards the life of sobriety.

As you step into our facility, we aim to bring you the comfort and relaxation needed to begin your journey towards a lasting recovery. By giving you professionally administrated evaluation, during the first phase of the recovery, we effectively assess your addictive habits. This evaluation decides the structure of your inpatient rehabilitation program. It is carefully constructed to add 60 hours of one-on-one therapy each month of your stay to give you complete individual attention. Thus, our team of compassionate and dedicated workers scrutinizes your assessment to develop the best inpatient recovery program, which is customized to benefit you at each cornerstone of your journey.

As a luxury inpatient rehab, we encompass a number of services in our recovery program that are available to you at all times during your stay. Our professionally experienced staff helps you to recover spiritually and physically by encouraging you to use our spa-like amenities that include reflexology exercises, yoga lessons, and healing massages. These services keep you relaxed in your body, soul, and mind so that you may enjoy your stay in a comfortable mood. Moreover, we also offer personal trainers that develop a healthier structure of habits in place of the bad ones; they allow you to take advantage of our tennis court, fitness centre, and many other tantalizing services. We offer you a multifaceted recovery service in our inpatient drug rehabilitation program, which stems into various treatments. We want you to have the best experience during your luxury stay at our facility so you may have lasting results. Don’t hesitate to call us for any queries related to our inpatient recovery program.

Passages Malibu Co-Founders, Chris and Pax Prentiss

Both of the Co-Founders of Passages Malibu are well-aware of the difficulties one faces because of addiction. Pax Prentiss has also suffered through these difficulties; he was also addicted to heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. After years of addiction, he realized that he had been isolated from his family and friends due to his behavior. He admitted that he needed help for his drug dependency and joined substance abuse recovery services on his father request.

However, the conventional system of recovery was not kind to his state of being. He felt isolated and humiliated in the group therapies, not by the peers but the system itself. These sessions forced him to believe that he was a patient, who needed treatment. His powerlessness over his weakness consumed his mind to make him doubt and feel shameful of his behavior. This, inevitably, made relapse. Chris Prentiss, Pax’s father, upon realizing the failure of the program started looking for alternative treatments.

During their search, they found a holistic philosophy of recovery, which was successful in bringing sobriety to Pax’s life. Due to its success, Pax and Chris made it their mission to help people with similar problems with this holistic combination of treatments. Thus, Passages Malibu came into being to provide the best luxury rehab inpatient services in California; it is made to accommodate your needs.