The Story behind Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu, the best inpatient rehab in California, came into being after the struggles of Pax Prentiss. Pax was heavily addicted to cocaine, heroin, and alcohol; he consumed these addictive substances on a regular basis. His addiction went as far as isolating him and dragging him into the seclusion of his own habits. When he could not support himself on his own, he admitted his need for help and called his family.

Chris, Pax’s father, upon realizing the extent of his son’s addiction advised him to join substance abuse recovery programs. Pax also realized that if he didn’t make a change in his lifestyle, there would be major consequences. He joined the conventional AA and 12-Step Program to help him become a sober and healthier individual. However, this treatment backfired. Instead of feeling empowered, he felt completely helpless. He felt cornered in the group therapy sessions, where he was forced to admit his weakness. He was labeled an “addict” who was “sick”. Whereas his habits were considered a “disease”. This led him to relapse back into his own ways.

The restricted freedom of the program caused him to feel neglected and uncared for; he was also denied access to his own family and friends. This policy demeaned his exterior and crumbled what strength in him was left to fight against the addiction. Chris Prentiss understood that his son needed a different kind of help; the traditional treatments wouldn’t work anymore. He started researching for alternative recovery treatments that could be customized to his son needs.

In the end, he found a holistic philosophy of recovery, which was an amalgamation of western and eastern recovery treatments. After the Success of this treatment on his Pax, who found a spiritual reconnection and a complete recovery of health through this treatment, Chris and Pax resolved to help others through similar means. Thus, Passages Malibu came into being. Its goal was to provide a luxurious space for the individuals with addictive habits, where they could relax and be taken care of with utmost attention of the staff. Whenever you inspire to start an inspirational and memorable journey towards recovery, you can be part of this luxury service through Passages Malibu’s inpatient rehabilitation.