Passages Malibu— the Philosophy of Our Inpatient Recovery Service

Our philosophy for treating addiction is one of the unique facets which encompasses our popularity among our clientele all over the world. We aim to establish a principle structure of recovery with natural remedies as building blocks. Our staff employs compassionate behavior with the clients that empowers them at each step of recovery. We support you as you build your own road to recovery. We give you a luxury seat to relax your mind, body, and soul during the process. This brings to life a healthier and positive lifestyle that is removed from the stress of one’s addiction.

For us, you are our number one priority, while your comfort is the second most important element of the service. Our inpatient recovery service holds a singular principle that separates it from other recovery services. We empower our client and give them the strength they need to gain motivation for a better life. You do not need to be “cured” of a disease, nor are you so “sick” to succumb to self-inflicted weakness. You are more than your addiction; you are an amalgamation of your inner strength of the mind, body, and soul. Our goal is to build you up as a unit and not to differentiate between parts of yourself.

At Passages Malibu, we bring you a natural collection of recovery treatments that have no side effects. These treatments are designed to suit your habits and needs. Moreover, depending on your health, we provide you with many therapeutic exercises, non-holistic treatments, and nutritional supplements. Our inpatient rehabilitation, not only focuses on physical healing, rather, it heals the mind and body together. To join this luxury journey to heal the mind, body, and soul with luxury recovery service, doesn’t hesitate to call us anytime.

Four Reasons of Drug Dependency and Abuse.

Our philosophy of natural substance abuse recovery service uses individualized and private treatments to suit your recovery needs. We understand that each addiction is different, which is why our specialist takes extra special care to evaluate and assess the intensity of your addiction upon your arrival. After evaluating hundreds of addictive habits, our experienced specialists have found four main root causes for addiction, which stem into other negative habits. These causes are: